Payment Method

Credit Card Payments in Indonesian Rupiah

VISA and Mastercard payments are processed by Midtrans, Indonesia’s secure online payment processor. All transactions will be processed in Indonesian Rupiah (IDR). If you’re paying with a credit card issued in Indonesia, all prices shown at checkout are final and no other fees will be charged. If you’re paying with a credit card issued in any other country, your bank may charge you a cross-border fee and currency conversion will apply. We do not retain any of your credit card records. Credit cards accepted: VISA and MasterCard.

Bank Transfer Payments in Indonesian Rupiah

Wire transfers can be made in person at your local bank or electronically through the internet banking facility of the bank of your choice. All transactions will be processed in Indonesian Rupiah. International/SWIFT and ATM Bersama/Prima wire transfers are also accepted. Please refer to the bank account information below.

Bank Name Bank Central Asia
Account name Athia Diana
Account No 7510 236 810
ATM Bersama Code 014
Bank Name Bank Mandiri
Account name Athia Diana
Account No 0700000403878
ATM Bersama Code 008

Payment should be made strictly within 24 hours (1 day) after an order notification is sent to your email address. If payment is not made and confirmed within 24 hour (1 day), your order will automatically expire. You may re-order but the availability of the product(s) cannot be guaranteed.

Although we may be able to identify all bank transfers made to our accounts, it is highly recommended that you confirm your payment, especially if the bank transfer does not originate from a bank account registered under your name. A payment confirmation is therefore required to ensure that your order will be processed in a timely manner.